The AlphaBYTEs

Anything is possible with NFTS’s so Amrita has invented her own language to unite people in the metaverse and beyond. The alphabet reimagined for web 3.0 layered with the shape of sound and decoded through augmented reality.

What is the Alphabet: A set of letters and symbols in a fixed order used to represent a basic set of speech sounds of language, especially the set of letters from A- Z

What is The AlphaBYTEs: Amrita’s set of symbols from A-Z in a fixed order to the shape of a sound wave.

Web 2.0 Web 3.0
The Alphabet The AlphaBYTEs
A Word An AlphaBYTE
A Letter An AlphaBIT
SoundBYTE: A word is worth a thousand pictures The AlphaBYTEs: A word is worth a thousand symbols

BYTE of the Alpha & MetaMAISON

Amrita pushes the boundaries between physical and virtual experiences and uses technology as a tool brush, innovating and showcasing the true potential of NFTs

MetaMAISON is the NFT creation house created by Amrita to offer a turn-key solution for celebrities and brands who are looking to launch NFT collaboration collections

MetaPASS Access to the Whitelist for all future commercial collaborations between MetaMAISON and celebrities & brands
RealBYTE Release of exclusive physical artwork and sculptures for The AlphaBYTE HoDlers
XBYTE Experience The AlphaBYTEs in other dimensions with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and AI.
WearBYTE Release of exclusive physical and digital Fashion/ merch for The AlphaBYTE HoDlers
BYTEClub Be part of Amrita’s selected community that adds value and experience from the best minds from the art world as well as the NFT, crypto, and financial worlds. Special events, networking, and only the coolest parties for The AlphaBYTES HoDlers. Also, get access to other Alpha Whitelist projects and utility and rewards from premium brands and collaborations.
BYTEVille Enjoy sculptures, exhibitions, murals in Amrita’s digital lands and physical lands for The AlphaBYTE HoDlers
TechBYTE Each physical work and fashion item comes chipped with an NFC chip or QR code
LoveBYTE Collabs with charities, brands, and partnerships

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